July 18, 2022

Canned Sardines – The Forgotten Superfood

Canned sardines have been around for as long as we can remember, from about 1810 to be exact. A nutrient-rich, small, oily fish, sardines are rich in omega 3 and highly versatile, making them convenient and quick to prepare and consume.

Nowadays, we are all looking for ways to be healthier and to achieve that health boost we crave, yet, we all forget about sardines and all the health benefits they have to offer. 

Sardines in Organic Sunflower Oil

Containing very little mercury (which you’d expect to be uncommon in such an oilyfish), sardines are safe and can be consumed even through pregnancy, making them a good choice if you need some quick and fast food! 

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why would any of today’s generation want to chow down on a can of sardines when we have quick snacks like noodles and pasta packets? The answer is simple. Although considered old-fashioned, these pilchards are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Each serving is high in:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Selenium
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Iodine

Loaded with nutrition, these sustainably fished little beauties are low in the food chain, making them very low in contaminants meaning they are a healthy option and ready to be consumed straight from the can! Many now come packed in several different flavours, including; the traditional sunflower, tomato, mustard, and even chilli for those who like their fish with a bit of a kick.

As well as being convenient and packed in vitamins and minerals, canned sardines, when regularly consumed, reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease and have even been known to boost brain function. The omega 3 fatty acids may also help to lower blood sugar levels and are a good source of vitamin D, calcium, and protein.

The best-canned sardine recipes 

Well, let’s start with the ever most popular sardines on toast. It’s quick and simple and suitable for any time of day! If you’re constantly on the go and need a snack thats quick and ready within minutes, why not try a simple sardine sandwich? Even adding a bit of mustard or mayonnaise if you’re feeling adventurous. Or if you’re out and about and just need some fast food, grab a fork and dig in straight from the can. If you are having guests over and you are unsure if sardines will be to everyone’s taste, why not throw them into another recipe? For example, tossing a few in a healthy salad, creating a new kind of stuffed pepper, and even blending into a spinach and artichoke dip. The possibilities are endless!

Sardines on Toast

So, going back to our original question. Canned sardines, are they the forgotten superfood? Absolutely! These little crackers (also a great serving suggestion) are one of the healthiest fast food options out there today. Not only are they sustainably fished they are also a convenient and healthy snack, packed full of nutrition, quick to prepare, and ready to be served alongside just about anything. So come on, break the taboo and give canned sardines a chance. I can guarantee you won’t look back.


July 18, 2022


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July 18, 2022

Canned Sardines - The Forgotten Superfood