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Speciality jar products

Discover the very finest sustainably sourced fish in Fish4Ever’s growing glass jar range. Amazing Tune fillets in first cold pressed olive oil are now joined by a range of unique and flavoursome Mackerel and Sardine recipes.

Gourmet pate range

Fish4Ever Gourmet Seaweed Pate is a spreadable that sees high quality, sustainably sourced Tuna, Mackerel and Sardines combined with the superfood benefits of fresh harvested organic seaweeds in a home-made style recipe offering plenty of taste and a great texture.

Meal Range

Quick, convenient and easy, these sustainably sourced Sardines and Mackerel come in a range of flavoursome sauces and oils, created using only the highest quality organic ingredients.

Say yes to good tuna

100% pole and line fished in the Azores, Fish4Ever Skipjack sets the highest standard in quality and sustainability. Working only from whole fish, landed fresh and fished locally.

Premium tuna

Pole and line fished by local small boats, and packed by hand in a traditional factory, these tunas are denser in texture. The Yellowfin we recommend for pasta dishes (stir in at the end when the sauce is off the heat) and salads, while the white tuna is great with red peppers or bacon lardons.

Scottish Spratt


Sardines have been moving around lately. Our current crop of Fish4Ever sardines is fished either off the coast of Cornwall, traditional Cornish pilchards basically, or from a selection of hundreds of very small rowing size boats in the Ria estuary outside the factory.


Fished north and now further and further north of Scotland all the way towards Iceland. Oily, high in omega 3, fished at the optimum time.


Wild, never farmed, from the sustainably managed stock of salmon in Alaska or neighbouring British Columbia. Fished during the salmon’s return runs to its home rivers in place like Bristol Bay on the Pacific coast.


Our awrd winning anchovies, proceessed in a small factory by hand, left to mature in large vats filled with see salt and then packed 6 to 8 months later in a local green and fruity extra virgin organic olive oil.


You can buy all of our products on our sister site Organico Realfoods Start buying your fish sustainably today!