Thanks to our Unique Quality Charter we can be certain that our products are fished locally, landed fresh, and prepared to the highest quality standards. Working from the whole fish, we add only the finest organic ingredients such as first cold pressed extra virgin oil, organically cultivated seaweed and distinctive flavoursome sauces.


Sustainably-fished herring caught North of Scotland and landed in Peterhead, UK.We only use traditional artisan methods in our packing and only add 'clean' natural and organic ingredients.

Cantabrian origin anchovies, filleted by hand, salted raw and matured in vats for 6 to 8 months. We then add first cold-pressed organic olive oil.    

Pole and line fished by local small boats, and packed by hand in a traditional factory, these tunas are denser in texture. The Yellowfin we recommend for pasta dishes (stir in at the end when the sauce is off the heat) and salads, while the white tuna is great with red peppers or bacon lardons.

Experts recognise Azores tuna as the best in the world. That's why we have partnered with Azores fishers, scientists and makers for over 20 years, to bring you the best.

Sprats are part of the sardine family, very high in Omega 3, sized between an anchovy and a sardine. We're bringing this neglected British classic back to the table.

Wild, never farmed, from the sustainably managed stock of salmon in Alaska or neighbouring British Columbia. Fished during the salmon’s return runs to its home rivers in places like Bristol Bay on the Pacific coast.

Whether on toast or with Kimchi, sardines are rich in minerals and vitamins. Ours are plump and carefully selected. Try to eat sardines once a week, your immune system will thank you for it!!!

Discover the very finest sustainably sourced fish in Fish4Ever’s growing glass jar range. Amazing Tuna fillets in first cold pressed olive oil are now joined by a range of unique and flavoursome Mackerel and Sardine recipes.

Scottish fished and packed mackerel is a British seafood classic. Ours is caught at the optimum time when the Omega 3 is at its best.


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