Everybody is “sustainable” right now!  BUT our founder, Charles Redfern, created Fish4Ever in 2000 when almost nobody was talking about sustainability in fish.  Since then, we’ve worked with experts and charities in the marine world year in year out devoting our time and money to promote genuine sustainability and fight the false claims, BS and greenwashing.

Charles Redfern and Azores Fisher

Fish4Ever was described by Greenpeace as a “world leader in sustainable and equitable tuna sourcing” as far back as 2008.  Our founder raised funds for a boat to monitor and report on illegal fishing off the coast of West Africa for the Environmental Justice Foundation with a bike ride to Paris, formed  part of the Sustainable Fish Cities initiative run by UK Charity, Sustain, has moderated and organised sessions on alternative certifications in Slow Foods International in Genoa and Turin and was expert witness in the UK Parliament against the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in the 2019 special commission on the marine environment.   

The Fish4Ever brand proactively participates in On the Hook and Make Stewardship Count, two campaigns formed mostly of NGO’s and marine experts, to reform the MSC.  Fish4Ever is also an active member of the International Pole & Line Federation (IPNLF) which supports, promotes and defends one by one fishing internationally and has sponsored and organised the first and only certification of tuna in the world under Naturland wild fish standards, strengthening and deepening the brand’s commitment to tuna from the Azores.   

Fish4Ever meet with Azores Fishery and Naturland
Azores Fishery Visit Fish4Ever

With the IPNLF and verified by POPA, the science program of the Azores, Fish4Ever with Biocoop of France is also funding a plastic collection project in the Azores.  As a result the Azores can now claim to be a plastic-positive tuna fishery, collecting more lost fishing gear from other fisheries than is lost buy our own fishers!  

Fish4Ever has also launched the only fair-trade certified yellowfin tuna from a ground breaking fair trade project in the Maldives with over 500 members and is currently trying to lead a socially responsible sourcing project with sardines and mackerel from Morocco.  

And from 2020 our brand is also net zero and carbon neutral.

With Fish4Ever it’s not just charity on the one hand, and business on the other – and it’s not a little bit of green edging on the side. Sustainability is 100% what we do. Fish4Ever was founded to be sustainable: it’s not an afterthought stuck on the top of destructive practises like a plaster. We are sustainable by design.  

That’s why we won’t be pushed around or cowered by big multinationals or misleading certifications. All our products pass a strict selection criterion based on the “who, what, where and how” of each fishery we select and guided by our holistic land-sea-people philosophy with full back to the boats traceability.  This is canned fish you can trust.